Rooms and prices

Volga Premium Hotel offers 43 cozy and very comfortable rooms, including 3 suites and 1 Presidential Suite with a beautiful view of the Volga River and Cheboksary Bay. Each room is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. The rooms are decorated with engravings and paintings by modern artists.

from 3 600 rub./day
Comfortable room with balcony (2nd, 3rd and 4th floor), and high ceilings. An ideal choice for a man who had come on a business trip.
from 4 700 rub./day
Room with extra space - this is the best choice if you are traveling on a business trip is not one (one), and a colleague.
from 5 800 rub./day
Spacious suite - is two-room apartment with living room and bedroom. Luxurious interior and view of the Volga river for a long time will leave a lasting impression on the capital of the Chuvash Republic.
from 11 000 rub./day
The luxurious Presidential suite - this is the most elegant room in the hotel. The interior rooms are designed in modern style, characterized by a rich decoration and luxurious. The large bathroom has a hamam (Turkish bath).
from 3 600 rub./day
This guestroom provides all the facilities for a pleasant and comfortable living of people with disabilities. We sincerely hope that here in the apartment «Volga Premium Hotel», we can offer an equal and pleasant environment for all.